Loss Assessors Help Get You The Best Possible Settlement On Your Insurance Claim

We are often asked why using a loss assessor makes a difference to an insurance claim and the simple answer to this question, is because it is our job.

Why should I employ a loss assessor?

Insurance claims are tricky, with insurance companies trying to fend off paying out large sums of money.  Claimants often are not able to successfully battle with their insurance company, simply due to the hoops that an insurance company will make people jump through in order to process a claim.

A loss assessor understands the process of making a claim and the language used in the fine print of your policy.  This means that they are often able to make a successful claim – getting you the best possible settlement.

How does a loss assessor’s fee system work?

Loss assessor’s work on a no-win, no-fee basis.  If they don’t get your claim through, then you don’t get paid, which means that they have an incentive to work.

Loss assessors take a small percentage of the final amount paid to you from your insurance company.

If you are in the process of having to make an insurance claim, then doing it on your own can be hard work.  Employing a loss assessor can be the difference between a decent settlement and your insurance company rejecting your claim.  Contact a loss assessor today.

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