Mazatlan Mexico Invented Spring Break!

Is there a better place for a Spring Trip than the city where it all started? Mazatlan, Mexico was home to the first known celebration of Spring in 1969 and the party is still going on.

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Mazatlan features the longest stretch of beach in Mexico which is one of the reasons it is a perfect place for a spring vacation. The weather is warm and the local chamber of commerce says in the past 25 years there have only been 4 days with rain in March. Businesses in Mazatlan cater to spring breakers where the bars are allowed to stay open until dawn.

Mazatlan is one of the top resort cities in Mexico and is located near the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, right on the Pacific Ocean. Locals call Mazatlan, the “Pearl of the Pacific” with a beach that is seven miles long. It is along this coast that you will find a number of reasonably priced hotels and resorts.

One of the top draws for Spring Breakers in Mazatlan is the cost. Hotel packages are advertised to “fit a student’s budget.” Food and drink costs are said to be 30-50% less than the price in other Spring Break towns. Veterans who have spent time in Mazatlan in March say you can find a lobster dinner with all the margaritas you can drink for $20.

Since Mazatlan started organized Spring Break, it offers a whole host of activities for young people to enjoy. There are beach beauty contests that draw huge crowds and mechanical bull riding competitions. There is no shortage of bars on the main strip which pack the people in, among them Senor Frogs, Fiestaland and Cherry. Booze cruises out into the Pacific are also very popular, along with snorkeling trips. You will also see Spring Breakers riding the banana boats that cruise up and down the coast, bouncing along with the waves. Mazatlan Mexico Invented Spring Break!<!—->

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