Military May Get Car Shipping Discount

The owner of one of the very best auto conveyance companies around, has proudly served four years in Iraq, so he knows full well how to offer superior customer service to all of his customers, as well as giving a special discount to military.  He knows and appreciates their service and how hard it is sometimes to cover personal and daily living expenses. 

When it comes to car shipping, the choice is entirely up to you — an enclosed trailer to keep your older car safe throughout the journey or an open one, which can be a little cheaper.  Whichever one you choose, a car shipping company with a superb reputation will be able to quote you an excellent price, and in no time at all. As you book your transport service, call them about five to ten days in advance.  If this is not possible, then express service is available.  Try and get hold of a company who uses a single point of contact person.  This lessens the risk of something falling through the cracks.

An auto transportation company’s charges are based on routes, so finding an excellent, and reliable car shipping company that will be able to tell you how much the service will be, may help you to budget your transport precisely.  Costs do depend on what vehicle or vehicles are being shipped, what is the starting point, and what is the destination.  These car carriers rigs usually cover about 350 miles a day, so you can gauge approximately how long the car will be in transit.  Another point — less than one hundred pounds of other than the car goods are allowed in vehicles being transported, so you simply cannot pack it full of household items.  A few blankets and similar would be okay.  Items left in a vehicle undergoing transport are not covered by any insurance, so don’t leave your antique or valuable quilt inside the car.  Someone has to be there when the vehicle is picked up, in order to sign the bill of lading, and also to perform an inspection and make note of any pre-existing external damage. 

Choose a company that has reviews and comments on their blog or website, and so has a good track record of customer satisfaction.   You can also take a look at and see what others are saying about professional car shipping companies.  With some thoughts in mind and just a little digging around, you can line up a super pro company, experienced at car shipping, and able to offer their customers (military and civilian) a great price.

Source by Susan Hart

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