Mini Sites For Insurance Website

You have probably heard about mini websites with very specific and narrowed down Insurance niche online right? There is actually more to mini websites than you thought. For a customer, you only visit these types of sites and click and click but what you did not know is that it actually gets you one step closer to the main website.

Yes, mini websites collect leads for the main website. So if you have a website for your insurance business, then you can make use of one of the types of mini websites. Out of the thousands of mini sites available today, you will not probably know that the main purpose is to lead you back to where it is linked.

Since you're an insurance agent, you can choose among three classifications of mini sites. It's up to you to select which type of mini websites but you have to conform with how it could possibly refer to your niche market for insurance. If you've encountered a site which shows promo offers, requests for you to refer a friend and gives a link back to the site to bookmark, then this is what they call the informative type of site. A slight miscalculation in using this is that if you're the owner of the site, email addresses from your visitor has no place here. They just do not have a way of retrieving email addresses from online visitors.

If a website gives you free offers and then requests for your email address so it can send you the details you're interested in, then this type is called snatch and grab. This is a good way of getting hold of your leads anytime you send them your free information which leads them back to your website. The last one is called the bait and switch mini site. What it does is it leads the visitor to a completely different website that offers the products which interests the visitor. However, this only works great for affiliate programs.

Whatever you choose you make, as an insurance agent, make sure that you get the benefits straight back to your website. Remember that the goal here is to generate leads to your site so you get more exposure.

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