Misconceptions about Life Insurance for Older Buyers

Certain things in life need to be considered, even if they’re not the most pleasant of things to think about. And for many people, life insurance sits at the top if this list – especially if they are over a certain age. However, equipping yourself with knowledge on the different life insurance options available to you will help you make an informed decision, quicker – so you can focus on the people and things in your life that matter to you most.

When searching for life insurance, many people might assume that older age equates to a compromised policy. However, what many people don’t realise is that there are policies which cater specifically to people over a certain age. For example, individuals over 50 years of age can secure a policy specific to their needs, and which address some of the most common fears that accompany purchasing this type of insurance at an older age.

For example, older insurance customers often worry that insurance companies will require a medical before they sell their policies – the reason being that many health problems come with older age, and many insurance companies won’t cover prospective buyers if they show signs of serious health problems. However, older buyers needn’t worry; there are many insurers out there who don’t require any such medical examinations before selling insurance. Some even guarantee acceptance if you fall between a certain age range, increasing your chances of gaining cover.

Another fear that older insurance buyers have is that their family members won’t receive a sufficient payout if they die soon after their policy is secured. But while this might be true of some insurers, buyers should keep in mind that there are always exceptions on the market. Some insurers require a policyholder to remain alive for a much shorter period of time – such as a year – in order to guarantee a payout. Moreover, some of these insurers offer lump-sum payouts in order to help with funeral expenses and unpaid bills after your death.

And finally, one of the biggest misconceptions about life insurance – particularly for older buyers – is that a comprehensive policy is bound to cost a lot. However, it is possible to find very affordable policy offers on the market; even for buyers over a certain age. Therefore, it is important that you don’t let common fears of insurance-buying prevent you from securing a policy. Of course, investigating life insurance for over 50s may not be something you look forward to, but it does pay to understand what it can offer for you and your family.

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