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Motorbike definition?
Can anyone enlighten me as to what the following motorbike terms propose? hypermoto naked motorbikes custom motorbikes

Motorbike driving interview….?
I started my lessons today and found it really abnormal (have been driving cars for 11 years) I enjoy never been on a bike formerly – has anyone be the same and does it find easier – I want to pass my trial before it get harder…

Motorbike Engine And V5 HELP PLEASE?
cheers for looking. Right bought a new engine (used)for my bike sour ebay of all places. Anyway how do i take it so DVLA know that i have changed the engine so i achieve the new engine details on my log book. gratitude for any help…

Motorbike floorboards…?
I am planning to buy a cruiser motorbike, and was wondering if the footpegs could be moved back far satisfactory in order for me to ride at a “standard” riding position a bit than “cruiser” riding position, that is, feet kicked out far within front, sitting…

Motorbike fuel reservoir protecter/sealer from the inside?
with the fuel still surrounded by it, any one know of good stuff to use ?

Motorbike gear change?
Sound like a stupid question? I’ve be riding for just a few months, and one of the reasons I settled to ride in the first place was the involvement next to the machine that, something you don’t get beside the average car. So after experiencing…

Motorbike ignition problem?
I have a honda cb 750 and someone tried to force a screwdriver into the ignition to steal it (get it switched on) but luckley they failed.however my switch fits into the ignition but will not switch on!!something broken inside it maybe. can i get the…

Motorbike Insureance (Britain)?
I am 18 and i have passed my full motorbike assessment. The three main contenders are the Suzuki Bandit 600(S), Kawasaki ER-5, and the Honda CB500. Does anyone own a recommendation for one of these machines and does anyone know any insurance companies that won’t rob me…

Motorbike law?
hey. im 14 at the moment. i have tried to research on the web about the motorbike law, such as how old you hold to be, and can only find american answers. As i live surrounded by england this is of little use to me :)…

Motorbike licence, anyone else have this problem?
Slightly gutted. Past my bile test surrounded by 1990, rode a CBR1000f for 9 months, haven’t riden since. Move address twice. Went to buy a Yamaha on Saturday, only to find that the DVLA have taken off the bike item sometime between 1991 & 2006. Now I’ve…

Motorbike license surrounded by UK?
Thinking of taking lessons over 4 days near a test on the fifth year. Bike hire, lessons, trial and protective clothing are aincluded in a price i’ve see for lb550, is this competitive and is it too short/long to learn what i stipulation? I’ve only driven mopeds…

Motorbike Maintenance?
I bought a kawasaki er5 a week ago and the front forks are stained with……… something. I be told by the dealer that paint stripper would verbs them right up. Is paint stripper good to use, and except, what other strong substance can i use?

Motorbike oral exam?
I have been told that in that are new rules coming out about the bike trial. What are they and will there be any changes to the type of bike you can ride after ratification.

Dirt bike helmet visor where on earth to buy one?
Where can i buy a dirt bike helmet visor, preferably red, i was riding today and a rut come out of no where and i land face first, breaking the visor. So i necessitate a new one, prewferably silver red or black or adjectives. Thanks!

Dirt bike help out!?
hi i want to buy a dirt bike and im 13 this would be my first bike and i dont know a thing just about them you mind giving me a list of them that would nice dirt bikes try to hold it under a thousand

Dirt Bike Help?
I’m going to be buying one in the close by future (probably used, as I solitary want it for recreation and fun). What are some things to look for? Good make and models?

Dirt bike landing?
how do you make a landing for a dirt bike? what’s the science or math to that? how do culture know where to put them or how far away from the hop to put them?

Dirt Bike or Dune Buggie?
i’m 14 years old about 180 and am 5’10” i would prefer a dirt bike but my parents would a bit get me a dune buggy for dirt bikes i’d like something underneath 2000 and for dune buggies something under 3000 and on the dirt…

Dirt bike or Super pocket bike? go to dirtbike. go to 110cc. the 2nd 1 from the top, it is red and number DB-K807. Go to dance to the one that says r32 interceptor. What do u think which one would u pick?

Dirt bike promplems?
I put my 05 crf250r in the shop more or less over 3 weeks ago. the crank shaft he ordered isnt in stock so he have to back writ it. He’ll get the crank shaft after chritmas and off-colour have my bike backbone mid januray he…

Dirt bike query?
i am about 5’1 and 100lbs…i really want a dirt bike near extreme power..very promptly.also something that can handle jump and everything.please help me

Dirt Bike Rentals within Kamloops?
Ok i have be trying to find a place to rent dirt bikes on the way or surrounded by kamloops or even somewhere near from mission British Columbia and be wondering if there be any places to rent dirt bikes (100 CC) please could someone help..

How to remove links from tie up?
i bought a new chain for dirtbike. it is a D.I.D 520 roller cuff, whatever comes stock on 06 yz125. when i put it on last dark it is too long. it is 120 links i think. can i carefully grind one of the pins and…

How to remove tacky reflective military stub decal from painted forks of motorcycle?
Its like one of the stickers they give you for your licence plate renewal . I cant grasp it to lift and dont want to scrape paint next to a razor

How to remove the fairing on a suzuki GSX-R600 2006?
I’m trying to adjust the idle on my GSX-R600 2006, but it’s my first bike. In proclaim to adjust the idle i enjoy to remove the left fairing. I tried to follow the encyclopaedia, but all it say is “remove the bolts and hooks”…

How to remove yamaha blaster engine crank minus the special tools?
hi, i just split my shield open,but the crank is still attache on one side,and i dont hold the special tools so is there a special trick to remove it whitout detrimental -it!!

How to reorganize pickup surrounded by a two wheeler ?
I recently purchased a 5 yr old TVS champ GL. Everything is good abt the bike except the pick up. Does any one know a simple way/tips to improve pick up while keeping the mileage intact ?

How to replace a mobile on a suzuki intruder VS 1400?
The battery is located beneath the bike and very difficult to access.It is a 1998 suzuki vs intruder.HELP!

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