Multi-Deck Blackjack Strategy Book

Blackjack is a game of 21. The goal is to have your cards total 21 or as close to 21 as possible without going over 21 AND for your hand to be higher than the dealer’s hand for a win. Each players hand is played against the dealer’s hand only.

The house or casino edge can be diminished to around 1 percent if a player follows certain strategies which are explained in Paul Wenc’s book, Multi-Deck Blackjack.

Playing, betting and winning are critical to conquering this great game. Many players have a deficiency or weakness in one or more of these areas. Even good blackjack players with logical and reasonable playing and betting strategies seem to lose their edge along the way and ultimately lose the ability to close the deal and walk away with a win. Discipline is critical in all three areas for consistent success.

Paul has been playing, observing, and studying the game of blackjack and its players for more than 35 years. In Paul’s book you will learn the three key strategic areas that a player must master to consistently succeed at the game of Multi-Deck Blackjack (4-8 decks). These three strategies are how to PLAY, how to BET and how to WIN.

Paul’s MDBlackjack Player’s Card and rules will simplify your play and provide you with the most optimum blackjack strategy for each play. The card provides the player with clear guidance for each and every situation during play.

Knowing how to play is critical to your success as a blackjack player. A blackjack player can and will drive his or herself and others bonkers if the player repeatedly stops to ponder what to do each time a hand or card is dealt. The MDBlackjack Player’s Card takes the indecision out of the equation and eliminates this stress from the game.

Once the blackjack player has learned the MDBlackjack Player’s Card, playing will be much more fun, enjoyable and relaxing. Paul’s player’s card will put you in “auto pilot” for deciding when to hit, stand, double down, splitting, etc.

Keep the Player’s Card handy for the occasion when you might need it to make the right call. Casinos allow referring to the card during play, so why not use it when needed? Take advantage of the situation, keep the MDBlackjack Player’s Card with you and refer to it whenever you need to prior to and during play.

The second attribute needed to be successful is a betting strategy.

Paul’s betting strategies from Basic Single Table Stake, to Two-Part Table Stake, to Advanced Tiered Betting Strategy are designed to minimize your risk of losses and maximize your winnings. Paul’s betting strategies are easy to remember while playing and provide the blackjack player with simple consistent effective progressive betting techniques.

It is not uncommon to triple or quadruple your initial table stake in 30 minutes or less using Paul’s blackjack betting strategies. His betting strategies are simple progressive techniques that are easy to follow and maintain during play.

Paul’s book teaches you what every blackjack player needs to know to be successful. His book will teach you how to play, how to bet and how to become a winner.

Some additional topics of Multi-Deck Blackjack are as follows:
• Basics of Blackjack
• Buying chips
• Placing a bet
• Betting and tipping for the Dealer

• Even money for blackjack
• Insurance
• Choosing a table
• Choosing your seat or spot
• Table etiquette
• Rules for the Dealer’s hand
• Hitting and Standing
• Double Down
• Splitting a pair
• The Multi-Deck Player’s Card and Rules
• Basic Single Table Stake Betting Strategy
• Two-Part Table Stake Betting Strategy
• Advanced Tiered Betting Strategy
• Bonus – Blackjack Tournament Play
• Blackjack Terms and Definitions.

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