Nashville Tennessee Car Insurance Get Adequate Coverage for Your Teenager

On the brighter side, preliminary studies in 2009 showed only 48 teens were killed on Tennessee highways, compared to 72 in 2008.  Safety officials say this decrease in teen driver deaths was partially due to offering more youth driver safety programs and educating teens more on safe driving skills. 

With a main objective of saving the lives of teen drivers, The Graduated Driver License (GDL) Program was started on July 1, 2001 in the State of Tennessee.  The program provides three phases of licensing for teens under 18 years of age, which are learner permit, intermediate restricted license and intermediate unrestricted license. The parent or legal guardian of the teen participating is required to be involved with the program.  It’s programs such as these that also help to lower a teen’s car insurance premium.

Keep Teens Safe while Driving in Nashville

As a parent, you can play a big part in determining whether or not your teen will be at risk for becoming involved in a car crash.  Explain to your teenager how serious driving is and give her a set of rules about the use of the car.  Limit the number of miles she drives.  Go over a list of distractions she should avoid while driving such as eating or drinking, listening to loud music, and driving with several friends in her car.  Make it a point to let her know that as of August 2009, teen drivers in Tennessee were banned from any cell phone use while driving.  Let your teen know beforehand that if her driving privilege is abused, it will be taken away.

You might be wondering if you will have enough car insurance protection for your teen by adding her to your policy.  Before you put your teen behind the wheel, maybe you should take the time to shop around and compare your policy rates with those of other car insurance providers in Nashville.  In doing so, you’ll be assured that both you and your teen have adequate protection at the best rate.  If you are considering adding a young driver to your current car insurance policy, you might want to review it or speak to your local agent in Nashville to find out if your teen is automatically added to your policy. 

Learn About Discounts for Teen Drivers in Nashville

As you contact car insurance companies in Nashville, Tennessee about your teen’s car insurance, inquire about the discounts they have to offer that might lower your premium.  Most insurance providers have discounts available for teens who have completed a course in driver’s education.  There are many approved defensive driving courses available in Nashville where your teen will have access to behind-the-wheel experience, be able to practice and develop safe driving habits, and learn the rules of the road.

Maybe your teenager is eligible for a good student discount.  A “B” grade point average or above might classify her as a good student.  Nashville providers offer this discount to students because studies have shown that students with good grades often demonstrate more responsibility when driving.  Ask the insurance agent about other discounts for which your teenager might qualify.

Keep Safety First When Buying Your Teen’s Car

When ready to purchase your teenager’s first car, consider all the factors involved in keeping her safe and keeping your insurance premium low.   Buy your teen a less expensive car and avoid vehicles that have higher injury rates such as sports cars, convertibles and SUVs.  The car should also be equipped with the latest safety technology such as air bags, seat belts, traction control, head restraints and an anti-lock brake system. 

Take a look at these teen driver statistics and see what you need to do to find the right Nashville car insurance coverage for your teen.


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