New Drivers Insurance – An Interesting Way to Get the Prices You Want!

Much attention is put on the teen drivers and what can be done to get them affordable Insurance, but what about the new drivers that are not teenagers anymore. Unfortunately, they face the same dilemma.

This does not mean that there is no hope for the new drivers. It does mean a lot of research and shopping around. By diligently doing this, you could very well save yourself a great deal of money. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that all Insurance Companies and Premiums are the same rate, because they are not. Every Insurance Company has their own viewpoints as to how they want to view the market. They obviously want to reduce their risks of high claims, but by the same token, they do not want to be in a position where they cannot expand their market because of their restrictions.

Your research could end up being a very interesting project for you. Perhaps one idea would be to tackle it a little different. Instead of going after the Insurance Companies and asking them about their rates based on your circumstances, reverse the roll. Ask them what would you have to do to get their best possible rate as a new driver. You have the opportunity here, to find out a great deal about Insurance that you did not know about or have not give much thought to.

By asking this question, of what they expect, it gives you some options of maybe making some of the changes to put you into their requirement category. For example, lets say you have not purchased a vehicle yet. You are pretty flexible as to what kind of vehicle you can buy. The Insurance Company you are dealing with may tell you, that if you buy a used vehicle then they can give you a lower rate, than if its new. This is a common practice amongst Insurance Companies, but because you are new to this, you may not have known it. You may have just been able to reduce the Insurance you were expecting to pay by a few hundred dollars.

Now do not stop here and do not jump at the first rate you get. Start tracking some of this information by writing it down. Go through this exercise for three to five Companies. Make a note of all the requirements they ask for to offer you the lowest price. Then find out what the final price would be if you complied. Once you have got all your information gathered then analyze it. First off, which one is offering you the best rate if you do all that they ask. Now look at the requirements, is it possible for you to meet what they are asking? Perhaps it will mean changing some of your driving plans but is it feasible, and would it be worth the savings?

Once you have analyzed all of your information, you will have a very good idea where you stand. You may have two or three Insurance companies that were very close in their quotes. Now you need to go and review this much more closely.

Source by Nick Vernon

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