Obama’s Stimulus Package Calls for a New Debt Relief Program – Thousands In Federal Grant Money

It is not uncommon to be stressing over difficulties with personal finances. Even if you have been meticulous with living within your means, you can find yourself struggling to make ends meet. President Obama promised changes when elected and he is making good on it.Student loans can be overwhelming. Now, one may repay his/her student loans using a repayment schedule based on household income and size. Any amount still owed after 25 years will be forgiven as long as payments have been kept current. If one loses his/her job or the household income decreases, changes will be made to payment amount owed.Credit card companies are no longer free to charge skyrocketing interest rates and hidden fees, thus giving the consumer better chances of paying lower bills each month. For those who have already defaulted on payments, programs are available to work with the credit card companies to lower payments and come to agreements decreasing total payoff amount due.Mortgage lenders are now modifying the existing loans by either reducing interest rates or lengthening the terms of the loan, therefore reducing monthly payments. This is an option for homeowners who are currently in default and at risk of foreclosure as well as for those who are not. There are eligibility requirements for loan modifications and they are available through your lender.These are just a few of the many programs being offered by the federal government to help reduce the amount of personal debt. Further information may be obtained for free through government sites.

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