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Ohio Auto Insurance – What is Comprehensive Ohio Auto Insurance?

By: Jim Zuccaro

Many people buying auto insurance don’t know the difference between collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.  Collision coverage is what you buy for a collision between two automobiles.  Comprehensive is everything else that can happen to your car.  This is why it is often required if you have an automobile on payments.  This type of Ohio auto insurance is needed in those cases due to the liability of the car’s payments.  Many people discontinue their comprehensive coverage as soon as their car is paid off, because they see it as an expense they don’t need.  But the question becomes, is it really an expense you don’t need, or is it a coverage you can’t afford to not have?

Protection against anything other than an accident is surprisingly vital.  Think about it.  Let’s say you have paid off your car, so you thought it would be great to save money on your Ohio auto insurance premiums by dropping the comprehensive coverage.  Then, a tree falls on your car.  It’s not such a savings anymore because you have zero coverage for that.  Perhaps there’s a hurricane which destroys your car, or a flood hits and your car is submerged.  None of those types of situations would be covered.

What about a deer hitting your car?  That’s only covered by comprehensive coverage.  So if you don’t keep this coverage, you could find that your joy of not having a car payment could go away quickly should something happen to your car.  Ohio auto insurance which covers these unpredictable situations can save your wallet some hard times.  Now, each policy is going to be a bit different.  Each policy should list out what types of occurrences are and are not covered by the policy, so you’ll know.  Here in Ohio, deer hitting cars is not unheard of.  If you live near the Ohio River or Lake Erie, you might want to think about the possibility of floods.

Comprehensive coverage on your Ohio auto insurance can be vital, especially in regards to those issues, such as deer, hail, wind storms, and flooding, which are more likely to happen in the Buckeye state than they would be in another part of the country. Protect your investments and buy this coverage if you don’t want to worry about financial stress.  It is unfortunate that you have to worry about these things, but when you buy comprehensive coverage, you won’t have to worry one bit!

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