Problems Selling Mortgage Protection Insurance Are Not Your Fault

Problems with Mortgage Insurance Sales

If you have ever sold traditional mortgage protection insurance, you know how hard it can be. You must put a lot of miles on your car, driving around to meet with clients in their living rooms. You also have to be available for them when they are home, which means you spend a lot of evenings working. Many times you will have to spend time out of town, because that’s where you have leads and appointments, and this can be inconvenient and expensive!

Furthermore, some of your prospects may have been attracted to mortgage protection insurance because of the direct mail piece they received. But these direct mail pieces can give some people the wrong expectations. They may glance at the card or letter, and see an offer of insurance with no medical exam, and then assume that pre-existing conditions will be ignored. You may find that some percentage of the business that you have worked so hard to submit gets declined. People with very common professions can declined for disability insurance, just because of what they do for a living!

In addition, clients may see an offer of disability insurance or critical illness insurance and think they can obtain that sort of coverage without obtaining a large life insurance policy. The client may feel as if they already have enough life insurance. Some clients may read about waiver of premium riders while unemployed and confuse that with a supplemental unemployment benefit which most mortgage protection insurance does not offer.

You are Not The Problem!

The problem with selling mortgage protection insurance is not you, as the insurance agent, but the product you are selling which does not meet the client’s expectations. When you present a product that gives a prospect the security they are looking for, selling is easy! In fact, many homeowners are concerned about protecting their finances now, when they are alive. When a large bank asked their customers what they worried about, a majority said they worried about paying their bills if they lost their job or became disabled. Many homeowners, especially younger ones, are not concerned about large death benefits. They are concerned about layoffs, accidents, or disability.

Offer Your Clients Mortgage Protection They Want!

You can find a mortgage protection insurance plan that solves many of these issues. You will not need to ask your clients health questions and almost every professions is accepted for disability payments. There are some vesting periods and waiting periods, but we feel that this type of insurance appropriate for many clients who do not want, or cannot qualify for, a traditional mortgage life insurance policy. You can also offer the new mortgage protection insurance to clients up to the age of 70!

Offer clients unemployment, disability, and hospital indemnity insurance, along with a death benefit, and all without asking health questions! You can sell this insurance from your home office as the forms can be completed over the internet. Move your mortgage protection insurance business into the twenty-first century.

And no, your client does not even need to have a mortgage to qualify!

Source by Marilyn Katz

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