Property Division Settlement in case of Divorce

Divorce proceeding involves numerous legal issues. Among them is the question of property division. The separating couple may accomplish this task on their own or leave it to the court to divide the assets. This clause of the marital agreement is going to have effects on your future life. This is why you need to discuss the matter with a good divorce lawyer well in advance.

There are certain steps in the process of property division. Here is a clear idea about it –

Create a list of the property: The list must include all details of the separate and marital property owned by the spouses. The property you owned before marriage and is owned individually is referred to as separate property while that which you have acquired jointly with your spouse is known as marital property.

What is considered as divisible asset? These include real estate properties, motor vehicles, cash, bank accounts, jewelry, pension accounts, life insurance policies, furs, furniture, stocks, bonds, and such others.

Opt for a property assessment: It is always better to ask a professional to assess the property in advance. This helps in the division of the assets as the value of every item is pre-decided and a fair distribution becomes easy.

Distribution of indivisible assets: Well, it is not always possible to divide the property in two equal shares. Ask your divorce lawyer how to transfer these into new assets that are suitable for division.

Get debt allocation: Any outstanding debts need to be mentioned in the property division agreement. Otherwise, you may end up with a property lesser in value because of the debt on it. Moreover, if the agreement does not mention the individual responsible for the debts, the creditor may hunt you for repayments for debts incurred by the other partner.

Know how tax affects the settlement: Transfer of property from one spouse to another is not affected by taxation. However, you may come under tax effects if you choose to sell a jointly owned property and distribute its worth. Tax also affects the spousal support. Get to know the state rules and regulations beforehand to avoid later hassles.

Set a period: It is not quite possible to fix a date on which a certain property is to be divided. However, be sure to set a particular date before which you would accomplish the task. It is also necessary to mention how the property division is going to be done. This way you would be able to avoid any unfair or disagreeable settlement.

Emotional turmoil makes it difficult to handle such a situation. This is why you need competent legal help in case you are involved in Divorce Las Vegas. Only a good lawyer is capable of getting you a fair share of the joint property.

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