Protect Your Classic Car with Suitable Classic Car Insurance

For many people, classic cars top the list of desirable transportation due to the styling and character that you just don’t find in today’s vehicles. Classic cars are often a huge object of pride for the owner, and a huge object of desire for would-be car thieves. Maintaining a classic car is no easy task and with the world turning more unpredictable by the day, it makes good sense indeed to protect your much-loved car with classic car insurance. These insurance plans provide an umbrella of coverage for your classic car and aid you in proper hassle-free running of your much-loved classic car.

Before explore classic car insurance in depth, let us understand what exactly constitutes a classic car and how it is different from a vintage car. A classic automobile is usually defined by its age with the minimum cap of 15 years. However, the accepted age for a classic car varies from twenty to forty years while vintage cars are those cars which are at least 60 years old at the time of insurance.

Maintaining a classic car is no piece of cake and often requires a lot of repairs and money before it can strut its stuff out on the roads. With so much put on the line, investing in a classic car insurance policy is a must. Regardless of the age of your classic vehicle, most car insurance companies require certain prerequisites to be fulfilled before you can avail a cheap classic car insurance quote.

One of the major requirements is that the vehicle should be in good or at least restored condition and should be kept in a fully enclosed facility. Furthermore, the driver should not be younger than 19 years old and the vehicle itself should be used primarily for exhibitions and club activities. Although an occasional drive here and there is permitted, most car insurance companies make sure that the car is not used primary means of transport.

Collector auto insurance is generally inexpensive owing to the fact that the car is to be used sparingly. However, the coverage offered is very car-specific and is highly dependent on the company and state policies. Some of the primary options available include garaging location, spare part replacement, comprehensive classic car insurance, and value coverage which reimburses the amount equivalent to the vehicle’s true market value.

One aspect that should be kept in mind when purchasing a classic car insurance policy is that most companies keep tabs on the total number of miles that you travel. This may vary from state to state but generally ranges from 1000 to about 5000 miles per year.

Keeping in mind the time and expense associated with having a collector car, a classic car insurance policy is probably just as important as any other aspect of owning such a vehicle. Since most classic car insurance coverage is relatively cheap and is highly specific, special care should be taken to obtain insurance quotes that fit your unique situation and classic car.

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