Rental Car Insurance – You May Not Need it

Rental car insurance read this because you may not need it dependent on the type of insurance you have on the car you own. Many times people will buy expensive rental insurance insurance when they do not even need it. I did, but not anymore.

Fact: Rental car agencies would like to sell you car insurance because it adds to their profit.

Fact: You may not need it.

There are benefits to buying these policies under the right circumstances but you should make sure that it is something that you need before agreeing to it.

Make sure you understand that when the car rental agency quotes you a price for rental insurance the price they are quoting means per day and not per length of the time you have the car.

This happened to me. The car agency told me what the cost would be, somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 22 for car insurance. I kept the car a week and when I got back I had over $ 150 added to my bill. Jimmy was a very unhappy boy and when I told them that this practice was not fair, they just told me that I had agreed to it, which I had. I said OK but I guarantee you that this is the last time this will happen to me and I have never purchased insurance from a rental agency company again.

I have a very good car insurance policy and because I have an expensive car I carry comprehensive insurance which also transfers to any car I drive, including rental cars.

The only problem with using my personal insurance to cover rental cars is the high deductible, which I do not mind paying if I ever did cause an accident which I will not because I am a safe driver.

The good thing about buying insurance from the rental car agency is that if you do have an accident there would be no deductible and the company will immediately take care of everything.

If you do not have insurance from the rental car company they will put all charges on your credit card and allow your personal insurance company to reimburse you.

Jimmy says if you have good comprehensive coverage with your auto insurance company you may not need insurance from the rental car agency. However, this is your decision alone to make and you need to do what you feel good about doing in this situation.

Rental car insurance may or may not be necessary, it depends on the type of insurance that you have on your personal car so make sure you are not spending money unnecessarily when renting a car.

Source by Jim Kibler

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