Selling Your Used Car As A Private Party

Tired of your old car and want to move on to a new one? Or maybe you just don’t have any use for the car anymore while it’s still racking up expenses? Why not sell it to someone who wants it and will take good care of it. You’ll get some profit in return, and you won’t have to be burdened with a car that will be more useful to others.

The first step to selling your used car would be to prepare the car for the sale. Make sure that it is in a useful condition. What use is there for the buyer if the car doesn’t even work? You’ll never get buyers if the car is in such a deteriorated state. So it’s best to make your car presentable and competent. Take good pictures of your car, and make a list of its features that you think would appeal to potential buyers.

The next course to take would be to get the word out that you’re selling your car. You can do it by making an ad in the newspapers or magazines, or you can use the Web and advertise through an Internet auction. If you’re not sure on how to make an ad, browse through automotive magazines and issues and take a look at how the other sellers do it. Make sure that in your ad, you write down the car’s features and condition as honestly as you can.

If your car is one of the new models in the automobile industry, you might be able to attract a lot of buyers. It would be best to make some improvements to your car, at least on its appearance. Make it obvious that it is a new model. If you’re selling an old car, though, it might take more work to improve the car’s appearance. You will also have to make sure the car still functions as good as new. There may be instances where you will have to change some things to the car to make it more attractive to buyers (exterior paint finish, carpeting and upholstery, new tires, etc.). Be careful with the electrical and electronic parts of the car when cleaning it. Check the engine, too, and make sure you have it fully charged and the oil and filter have been changed.

When the first buyer contacts you about your car, meet up with him or her in safe and public places. You don’t have to show where you live, and the buyer would feel safer when in doing a sale in public. Be prepared to host more than one person. Your buyer might bring in family or friends, or even a mechanic or expert, to take a look at your car. Make sure to give them time to talk among themselves to discuss the pros and cons of buying your car. It will ease up the awkwardness and give them room of comfort.

There’s also the paperwork to take car of when selling your car. Consult with the nearest state motor vehicle office and ask about the legal requirements needed to make a vehicle sale in your area. You’ll have to take care of your car’s title, registration, license plates and insurance policy. Inquire about the steps to be undergone, and the expenses and payments. You will need to notify your insurance agent about the sale and have your insurance canceled when you’ve made the deal.

Remember that selling a car may be tiresome, and that there will be some haggling and frustrations at times. Have some patience and try not to pressure your buyer too much. Negotiations to make the sale successful can be a little frustrating but just put in some patience and consider your buyer’s position in wanting to make a reasonable purchase.

When doing the financial transaction for the sale, insist on a cash payment, or a certified or cashier’s check. A wire transfer of funds into your account is also all right. Just make sure that the money already arrived in your account before signing over the title to your buyer. Never accept a personal check, though. It is not advisable, especially with such an amount. Once you’ve settled these things with your buyer, you can hand over the signed title and the key to the car, and move on with your own purchase of a new car.

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