Smoker Term Life Insurance Quote – How To Get The Lowest

Smoker term life insurance quote – Is there anything you can do to lower it? The answer is an emphatic YES! Although smoking is a huge defening factor, it's not the only factor.

Two smokers may have a huge difference in their term life insurance quotes for a number of reasons. I'll add a few other factors that will increase a smoker's rates (I will not list factors you can not do anything about). Avoiding them will help you get a lower term life insurance quote even as a smoker …

1) An overweight smoker will pay a lot more than a smoker with a normal weight. The weight factor is a serious factor in calculating your life insurance premium. A lot of data link certain diseases to being overweight.

2) A smoker who buys his / her life insurance policy when s / he is thirty would get to pay a lot less than if s / he buys it when s / he is 50 all other things being equal.

Life expectancy is prominent among the major factors that determine your term life insurance quote. A 60-year-old is more likely to die earlier than a 50-year-old.

3) Sports like skydiving and car racing increase the risk of insuring you.

If you as a smoker sky-dive or take part in any other dangerous sports, you'll pay far more more than another smoker who does not. If you really intend to reduce your rate you must change to safe sports and games.

4) You will get much higher term life insurance rates if you are part of a hazardous profession. That is a job that exposes you to much danger. Switching to a safe job will lower your term life insurance quote.

While you are making plans to do these get and compare term life insurance quotes from not less than three life insurance quotes sites. This offers you a broader basis for doing better comparisons thatby increasing your chances of getting the best (for a smoker) term life insurance quote.

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