SR-22 Insurance South Carolina – The basics

There are actually a few reasons why you may require SR22 insurance in South Carolina. In most cases, you are requested to obtain SR22 insurance for Driving Under the Influence, driving while suspended or driving uninsured.

Before going into more details about suspension periods, SR22 fees, costs and other criteria, it is really good to fully grasp what SR22 really is. Mistakenly, quite a few consumers presume that SR22 is a different type of insurance they have to obtain. In actual fact, what SR22 insurance really refers to is just a proof of insurance. All you need to do is tell your insurance company to file a document to the Department of Motor Vehicles, which declares that you have the essential auto insurance protection. A non-owner SR22 auto insurance is needed when you must present a proof of insurance but you do not possess a vehicle.

In South carolina, SR22 insurance is mandatory for a time period of three years, generally starting from the end of the suspension period. In case you obtain a provisional license, SR22 insurance will still be necessary for six months. The suspension period depends on the prior conviction. For Driving Under the Influence:

1st Offence – six months
2nd Offence – one year
Third Offence – 2 years

When you have committed four or far more offences, your drivers license will be suspended. For a felony Driving under the influence you will lose your driving license for 3 years as well as time served in prison.

For driving uninsured the suspension period is 30 days. If you are driving a car even though suspended, a new suspension period will be added and it might be from thirty days, or the length of the original suspension, up to 3 months.

South Carolina SR22 Fees and Auto Insurance Requirements

The reinstatement charge is $100 for each and every suspension. In some instances a larger amount of money may be required. The bare minimum limits for which you should purchase vehicle insurance cover are:

Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) – $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

Property Damage Liability (PDL) – $25,000 per accident

Finding Cheap SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Usually, in addition to the reinstatement charge, having to carry a proof of insurance in Sc translates as excessive auto insurance rates. A large number of insurance carriers will certainly put you in the “high risk driver” category and it is not really hard to work out that higher risk means higher monthly payments. Nevertheless, you should never just resign to the idea that for 3 years you need to spend over the top for SR22 insurance.

Don’t forget that there are additional factors in play, when auto insurance prices are calculated, like the make and model of your car, your credit standing and area of residency. You can take a defence driving training and show that you’re a trustworthy driver. Driving less and using the trains and buses will reduce your early mileage and auto insurance cost too.

However, the best and most effective thing you can possibly do is to compare SR22 insurance quotes on the net. In less than two minutes you will receive quotes from several insurance providers. The difference in price is often shocking. You may even save up to $450!

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