The 10 Most Dangerous Foods To Consume While Driving

Here’s good advice: while driving, don’t consume anything larger, messier, or more intoxicating than a cough drop. But now here are more lenient and more specific recommendations from an insurance company, so, if you’re stuck in traffic and at risk of death by starvation, you’ll know what would be the riskiest food or drink to pull from your lunch bag.
Hagerty Classic Insurance, providers of auto insurance for classic car owners, has provided the guidance you need in the form of a 10-item list, compiled from their claims reports. It includes problems caused by beverages. A sudden bump can cause a spill, and if it’s hot, also a burn. Greasy foods are also banned—the grease gets on the steering wheel, making for wayward steering. (Licking the fingers doesn’t solve the problem.) Moreover, attempts to clean up a mess take the driver’s eye off the road. If you drive a shift car, the risk of a bad outcome is doubled.To keep you in suspense no longer, here, listed in order of importance, are the top offenders that can lead to damaging one’s car, clothing, or body:
1. coffee
2. hot soup
3. tacos
4. chili
5. hamburgers
6. barbecue
7. fried chicken
8. jelly or cream-filled doughnuts
9. Soft drinks (Did you know that carbonation in the nose is perilous while driving?)
10. chocolate.Given the dangers of dining while driving, do a lot of people do this? You bet. According to a survey by the Response Insurance Agency, 57% of drivers eat and drive. It is the second most common driving distraction after tuning the radio. According to another survey conducted for Exxon, 70% of drivers eat and a whopping 83% drink coffee, juice, or soda. Nowadays, the stern warning not to drink and drive could take on an expanded meaning: Don’t drink anything—and don’t eat either. It raises everyone’s insurance premiums. Auto makers: remove that cup holder, which so many drivers feel compelled to fill.Sources: – “The Basics: 10 worst foods to eat while driving”. – Auto Insurance Center “Avoid these three dangerous food groups while driving”.

Source by Ethel Tiersky

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