The American Automobile Association

The American Automobile Association, also referred to as AAA, is a non-profit organization that has over 50 million members. Its headquarters are located in Heathrow, Florida; right outside of Orlando, Florida. The group is a service organization as well as an organization that sells vehicle insurance to its clients if they wish to purchase it from them. Members of the American Automobile Association can renew their membership with the organization whenever their current membership expires and anyone in the country can join the organization if they want to. AAA doesn’t just offer services for motor vehicle owners but it also offers services for its members when they are not on the roads but traveling on planes, ships, and trains.

AAA is a discount club along with being an automotive club. The American Automobile Association not only provides emergency roadside services and maps to their members. They also provide services in four other main areas that include travel, financial services, car buying and car insurance. As a member of AAA, the company can help people with rental car reservations, lodging reservations, dinner reservations, procuring tickets to plays and sporting events, booking cruises, booking flights and much more. Their financial services include providing their members with gift cards or gift checks instead of carrying around cash when traveling to other areas of the country. If you are looking to purchase a new car then AAA can also help in this category. How? They can help their members find a car, negotiate the price, arrange the financing and even perform the financing on the car when service is due. AAA not only offers vehicle insurance from their company but also health, homeowners, and life insurance to their members.

The American Automobile Association was founded in 1902 in Cleveland, Ohio in response to the lack of roads and highways suitable for automobiles. The original membership consisted of 1,000 charter members. The first maps published by AAA were released in 1905, the company’s first hotel guides were published in 1917, and their safety school program began in 1920. One of their separate entities, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, was created in 1947 to conduct studies regarding motorist safety. Members of the American Automobile Association belong to individual AAA clubs across the country such as AAA Mid-Atlantic, AAA Northwest Ohio, and AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah. The American Automobile Association also has arrangements with affiliates throughout the world, including the Automobile Association of the United Kingdom, the Canadian Automobile Association, and the ADAC in Germany.

The AAA automotive services offered by the company are wide ranging. They include tire changing, towing, jump starting a dead battery, delivery of gas and much more. Members of AAA will need to prove that they are members when calling for emergency roadside assistance by reading the operator their member identification number on the front of their member card. Being a member of AAA will also help you get discounts in a lot of places including restaurants, book stores, clubs, car service shops and much more.

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