The Car Navigation System Brings Emancipation to the Drivers

The car navigation system is firstly invited for the military utilization many years ago, but now, it enters the lives of ordinary people. People welcome this device and rely on it for it brings convenience and relief to them.

People used to utilize map to guide the direction, which is hard to understand and easy to make a mistake. Stopping the car on the busy road to find a place is very dangerous. People also download the road information from search engine; However the information is inconvenient and may lack of updating. This device makes the difficult things possible. People who do not have a sense of direction, especially women can have the opportunity to drive cars. They even can go to some places that had never been before, because people trust it. The device is also suitable for the people who are traveling by their own cars. A car navigation system can tell where the gas station or restaurant is. People will feel like there is a professional tourist guide with them.

Some systems are with touch screen that people can easily handle the device and focus their attention on driving. The advanced one also can be managed through voice.

The entire device is consulted by two parts; One is the global position system receiver installed in the car, which display the direction to the user, the other part is composed of computer control center. These two parts connected with each other by the positioning satellites. The computer control center is authorized by the vehicle management which is response to monitor the automation dynamic and transportation situation of the specified district. Therefore, car navigation will have two main functions; One is the tracing function: The position of the car can be pointed out through the computer control center if the coded global position system receiver is well installed. When the user is getting lost, he contacts the central controller which will search car through code. The lost car can be found within 9 seconds. The other function is guidance: The electric drawings of different places are stored in the floppy disc. The transportation situation on the road or the route to the destination will be displayed on the screen.

All in all, the car navigation system is becoming an indispensable part of a car. It will play a greater role in the lives of different people. The related integrated circuit for car navigation is DS18B20 .

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