The Electric Alternative – A Little Will Go A Long Way

With all the reports of Global Warming, it’s a wonder how we have survived this long. It’s a shame that we as a race have become so farsighted when it comes to the health and stability of our environment. We all need to do our part to conserve what little natural resources we have left, while at the same time being more earth friendly conscious. If lawmakers would stop playing to the hands of lobbyists and honor their election pledges, we would be a lot better off as a planet.

What little thing we can do as part of our obligation to preserve this planet is to get away from the gas guzzling monsters the not only use too much of our natural resources, but also are heavy contributors to the eradication of the protective layer called the O-Zone layer.

I’m taking about electric scooters. Electric scooters only run on electricity, and minimal amounts at that. Electric scooters have come a long way and some can reach speeds of 20 to 30 miles an hour with distances reaching 20 (+/-) miles on a single charge.

With an electric scooter, you can save lots of money too. If you need to fill up an automobile, it can range from $25.00 – $40.00 or more a tank. That tank will get you 300 to 400 miles. With every fill up and every time you accelerate you are contributing to the destruction of our planet.

Electric scooters rely on 4-6 hours of charge and you can get 20 to 30 miles on a charge. No need to get gas, no emissions and a lot cheaper. It’s literally pennies to run your electric scooter. This makes it perfect for those short trips that you waste the most gas on.

Every time you start your vehicle or take off from a stop, you waste gas and blow more carbon monoxide into the air. With millions of vehicles on the road these days, we are contributing to the accelerated destruction of our planet. I’m not saying to get rid of our cars totally. I’m saying that since most of our trips are less than 5 miles away, that we should be more conscious about what we are doing to the planet and hop on our electric scooters rather than starting the car.

A big obstacle that some states are taking into consideration is that electric scooters are not D.O.T approved and are not allowed on most roads. We need to get the powers that be to stop looking the other way and either make them legal to ride in bike lanes, or just change the basic definition of moped. With these simple changes, electric scooters will be more prevalent and the fear of being harassed by the authorities will be a thing of the past.

Sales in electric scooters have risen dramatically as the cost of gas has risen. With the new reports of the state of our planet, more and more people are taking notice and are parking their automobiles. The Hybrid models are going to help, but do not completely do the job, and until they come down in price, the only cost effective alternative form of transportation for your short trips remains to be an electric scooter. Of course, you can always take a walk. When is the last time you did that?

Source by Matthew Smith

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