The real meaning of affordable health plans

Affordable health insurance is often confused with cheap health plans. But the truth cannot be anything farther than that. Affordable health plans do not always come cheap nor are all cheap plans affordable by everyone.

What is affordable healthcare plan varies from person to person, family to family and from plan to plan. The monthly household income will determine the health plans that a family can afford. Affordable health plans will also depend on the health status of the family, the amount to be paid in premiums and co-pay, the deductibles determined and the likes.

Similarly, as the name suggests, cheap health plans are those that cost lesser than other available options in the market. Inexpensive plans are often not comprehensive. And though these plans are cheap per se, low-income families still might not be able to afford them.

Hence, when looking to buy plans, it is important to check out not low-cost plans, but plans that are affordable. Here is a quick checklist on what is affordable health insurance and where does one find it.

The best way to look for affordable health plans is to check up on the internet. One could log into any website that gives quote comparisons of various plans offered by various companies. This would give a fair idea about what plan to choose and why. It will also let the beneficiary know about the most cost-effective health plans and then he can choose accordingly.

For all those who are not so internet-savvy, consulting a local broker is a good alternative. The local broker can advise you on the best possible affordable health plans available.

Another way to get affordable healthcare is to get a plan secondary to your existing insurance plans. If the employer provides coverage, then one could go for a cheaper but complimentary health insurance plan. The vice-versa situation could also lead to some amazing deals even in the affordable health plan segment.

There is still another way to convert expensive plans to affordable insurance plans. This can be done by eliminating coverage for treatments that you will definitely not need. For example, why pay more for maternity care in your plan when you are not planning to become a mother anytime soon.

Managed health care plans such as HMOs, PPOs and Pos are the best examples of affordable health insurance. Depending on your budget and your needs, one could choose any of the three affordable plans. These plans are more concerned about consulting within the chosen network of healthcare providers and care little about the treatments covered. The focus however is on providing primary care in such affordable health plans.

Buying just about any plan is not the solution to Obama’s universal healthcare reforms. What matters is buying an affordable health plan so that your health care is taken care of and so is your budget.

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