Tips and Advice When Buying a Used Dirt Bike

Check Out the Dirt Bike:

A dirt bike that has not been properly maintained is not only expensive to fix, but can also be unsafe and dangerous. If you’re buying a used dirt bike from a dealer, the chances are good that it’s been examined by a professional, and any obvious mechanical problems have already been fixed. A used dirt bike from a dealer may also come with a warranty.

Unfortunately, buying a used dirt bike from a dealer is more expensive than buying from an individual owner. If you don’t mind taking your chances to save some money, the first thing you want to check out are the wheel bearings. Put the bike on a frame and spin the wheels. They should spin straight and noiselessly. Also pull back and forth on each of the wheels. There should be no wiggle.

Test drive the bike to make sure it runs in all the gears and doesn’t make any unusual noises. Just like when you buy a car, the brakes shouldn’t feel mushy or grind. Riding the dirt bike will give you a good idea of how the suspension and shocks are holding up.

If the dirt bike has been modified, be wary. After-market modifications are tough on the rest of the bike and indicate it has been ridden hard over its lifetime.

Evaluate the Owner:

Ask the owner of the used dirt bike lots of questions. If he’s not sure about his last oil change or how often he changes his air filter, maintenance was probably not a priority for him.

When you buy a used dirt bike, the more papers an owner can show you, the better. Maintenance records, proof of ownership and a certificate of roadworthiness are all good signs that the sale of the bike is legitimate. A good sign that the bike has been loved and well cared for is if the owner has dirt bike insurance for it.

How to Further Minimize Your Risk with Dirt Bike Insurance:

While there’s no way to guarantee that the used dirt bike you purchase is going to be perfect, you can minimize your risk of loss by purchasing dirt bike insurance. Getting the right paperwork from the previous owner will help you insure your bike quickly, and the insurance company may reimburse you in the event of an accident or theft.

While a stolen bike will most likely be resold to another unsuspecting owner or stripped for parts, bike insurance will help you fund your next ride. You may even get some sort discount on insurance for outfitting your dirt bike with an alarm and keeping it in a safe place.

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