Tips to Buy Online Two Wheeler Insurance in India

Online two wheeler insurance provides you fast access to the insurance policy at affordable premiums. Numerous insurance companies provide affordable bike insurance in India.

Online two wheeler insurance policies are gaining popularity in India. Vehicle insurance has become the need of the hour. The fast-moving traffic, bad road conditions and lack of infrastructural facilities invite road accidents. In fact most number of casualties and vehicle damages in the world take place in India. The level of physical injuries and vehicle damage caused in accidents makes it really expensive.

Life insurance takes care of the medical expenses, auto insurance helps you recover from all sorts of damages caused to the vehicle. Apart from accidents, two wheelers may also fall pray for damage due to natural calamities, theft, fire or terrorist attacks. Good bike insurance in India can save you from all these accidental damages to your beloved vehicles.

Following are a few frequently asked questions about motorbike insurance:

What is online two wheeler insurance?

Auto insurance or vehicle insurance is mandatory for all sorts of Indian vehicles. Insurance plans for two wheelers in India safeguards your vehicle against financial losses and physical damage to your vehicle. Your motorcycle insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurer who provides financial coverage to you and your motorcycle in exchange of predetermined premiums.

Where to buy insurance plans for two wheelers?

These insurance policies are made available by auto dealers at the time of vehicle purchase. If not, then you need to contact a recognized insurance provider and buy insurance policy for your motorbike. The best thing about these insurance policies is they are available online. Online access to various insurance plans gives you easy access to affordable policies form the comforts of your home.

What are the types of auto insurance for two wheelers?

There are two basic types of bike insurance in India, namely third-party coverage and comprehensive insurance policy. The third-party coverage is made mandatory by Indian Motor Vehicle Act 1988. It covers all sorts of damages caused to a third-party vehicle by your own vehicle. It doesn’t cover your own vehicle. If you want to cover your vehicle against accidental damage, then you need comprehensive motorbike insurance. Along with third-party vehicle, comprehensive insurance provides coverage to your vehicle and you.

How to buy online two wheeler insurance?

Online availability is the biggest benefit of these insurance plans. You get to browse through various insurance plans online for free, giving you the freedom to choose the most competitive policy. Following are the important steps for buying motorbike insurance online:

  • Check for the benefits and types of coverage offered by the insurer. Comprehensive vehicle insurance is ideal as it protects you against third party damage and personal damages.
  • Look for flexibility, riders, additional costs and all the terms and conditions of various insurance companies before choosing one hastily.
  • Check whether your insurance policy provides liability for bodily injuries, property damage, co-passenger and your own vehicle, medical coverage and damage caused in collision.
  • Apart from accidents, the policy should also offer protection and comprehensive coverage against natural calamities, theft and damage to the vehicle in terrorist attacks.
  • Consider buying add-on covers for electrical and non-electrical parts of the vehicle. Also check for the list of nationwide servicing centers to avail cashless claims.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurer that explain all the details about policy term, insurance premiums, no claim bonus and the option for online payment and renewal.

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