Tips to Choose a Good Auto Transport Company

Choosing an auto transport company has always been an overwhelming experience but sometimes it can be such overwhelming that it can be very difficult to digest, this is real sarcastic comment because sometimes auto shipping your vehicle from one place to another can be a real time tedious task. Some people start their search from the yellow pages and some through internet facility to have a glance at the companies who are engaged in the process of auto Transport Company. 

It is quite important that you take the advice of the people who have already taken the services of the auto transport company. This will act as first hand information and you can know about the service of the auto transport company through them. These first hand references act as better signs of indicators of quality service.

The below mentioned things will help you to find some of the best auto transport companies:

Companies must be registered under the proper transport authority:

A considerable amount of time invested in research can save you from the future trouble. It is important to remember that as the other companies need to be registered under their respective governing bodies it is important to note that the auto transport companies also need to be registered. The auto transport company needs to be registered with the department of auto transportation and they need to possess an active MC and USDOT number. However the brokers and the intermediaries need not possess any active USDOT number. They need to possess an active MC number. It is very much essential that you need to check their numbers. The auto transport companies also need to possess the specific credentials for the transportation of the vehicles.


The auto transporting companies need to possess the cargo insurance scheme in addition to the USDOT numbers. The amount of the coverage of insurance vary from company to company, however it is very important that you need to check the proofs before you have decided to transport your vehicle through this company. Ensure that the coverage which is being offered by the company is equal to the exact worth of your car. It is essential that you correctly find out about the exact limits on the insurance, incase you feel that the insurance coverage is not in accordance with the worth of your then it is essential that you enquire about the additional insurance if incase they can provide.


There are numerous ways with which you can enquire about the integrity issues of the auto transport company. It is important that you realize the important that you need to confirm about the integrity issues with the related people like the car salesperson. Try and enquire about the concern with the bureau of complain association and figure out if there are any previous complaints present about them, this will strengthen your will power and even the consensus on the issue whether to select a particular auto transport company or not.

Unrevealed fees:

Figure out about the fact whether there are any other hidden fees which you need to pay other than the price quotes which have been specified by the auto transport company.

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