Unemployment Income Protection Plans Now in the U.s

Several major U.S. Banks are offering a some what similar product, but with one significant difference.  This revolutionary new income protection plan pays a cash benefit to the individual if they become unemployed.  The benefit is not paid to the lender, which is what just about every other income protection plan in the U.S. does.

The time for change has finally come.  Most banks in the U.S. offer a traditional credit life insurance program which only covers the loan in the case of death.  Plans like that are not effective, and don’t help with the real issues of loan delinquencies.  Freddie Mac studies have shown that the major cause of loan delinquencies and foreclosures is loss of income due to Unemployment and Disability.    

There is finally an income protection plan that is truly consumer oriented.  These plans were designed to ‘lend a helping hand’ to the individual, not to protect the lenders.  They offer benefits for real events that impact lives. Bad things do happen to good people. These plans will help many people through the financial difficulties of Unemployment and Job Loss. 

Selling and enrolling customers in these new plans could not be easier.  These debt protection plans can be sold just about any way you can think of, from the traditional in person setting to over the phone to online via a secure server enrollment.    

No Licensing is required to offer these revolutionary new debt protection plans because they are not traditional insurance policies, they are association memberships.  The memberships include a fully insured benefit of Cash Payments if a member is Unemployed.  

These new plans have just recently been approved and released in the U.S. and offer a great opportunity to Insurance agents that specialize in Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection and similar product lines.  These plans allow agents to turn their old leads and data into new clients, and they also are a great way to let your existing clients know that you have their best interest in mind. 

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Source by Nathan Evans

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