Visitor Medical Insurance

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Visitor medical insurance is insurance coverage that travelers purchase when they travel outside their home country. Even if a traveler/visitor has domestic insurance in his or her home country, this insurance usually will not provide coverage when traveling overseas. It is in this context that overseas visitor medical insurance is required. Given the high cost of health care, it can be financially very risky to travel overseas without proper visitor medical insurance.

Visitor medical insurance options and comparison:

There are different insurance providers that offer Visitors medical insurance and the visitor does have several plan options even with each insurance provider. Some websites allow visitors to compare the different plan options. Along with comparing the premium costs, you can also get a detailed comparison of the medical coverage as well as details regarding the provider network and the plan underwriter.

Types of visitor insurance plans:

There are mainly two types of visitor insurance plans

(a) Fixed benefits insurance

(b) Comprehensive insurance

(a) Fixed benefits visitor insurance – Fixed benefits plans are cheaper than comprehensive insurance plans, correspondingly the coverage is also limited. In these plans, you can purchase an overall medical maximum coverage, however there is a fixed coverage for different medical situations. Examples of the fixed coverage would be – a specific amount paid for each surgery, a fixed amount for hospital room, certain specified amount for the intensive care room, a limited amount for diagnostic treatments.

(b) Comprehensive visitor insurance – Comprehensive plans are more expensive than fixed benefit plans but the coverage is also superior to fixed benefit plans. In the comprehensive plans, the customer selects the medical maximum coverage, and the insurance plan covers them for this amount, without any limits for different medical treatments within the medical maximum coverage amount.

Visitor medical insurance coverage details:

Visitor insurance provides coverage against accident and sickness during the visitors travel outside his or her home country. When compared to domestic insurance there are two main limitations in visitor insurance plans. Visitor insurance will not provide coverage for preventative care or for pre-existing medical ailments. In summary, Visitor insurance can be viewed as insurance coverage for unanticipated health related expenses during overseas travel. However this insurance cannot be used to get pre planned health care treatment be it preventive in nature, or for an existing medical ailment while traveling overseas.

Visitor medical insurance – purchase procedure:

Visitor insurance plans can be purchased online using a credit card, or by faxing in an application with the relevant payment details. On completing the online transaction the policy details will be immediately emailed to the email address provided in the application. This email can be used as proof of insurance cover. A hard copy of the policy can also be requested to be mailed to the address provided in the application.

Visitor medical insurance – purchasing specifics

(a) The earliest the insurance plan can start is from the following day of the application or from any later date.

(b) The traveler’s passport details are required while completing the application.

(c) Insurance can be purchased even after the traveler has started his or her journey.

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