VoiceShot billing clarification. You have got to read this before you buy!

If you have looked on the on line for voice broadcasting or for phone dialer services odds are you have come across call fires internet site. Yes, they spend quite a lot of money on marketing and they are priced super high in comparison to other providers like GTel Solutions. Though VoiceShot offers a few more gadgets, Penny dials will perform equally as well for much less funds. If you see VoiceShots pricing page you will observe they have several plans ranging from 3.5 cents to less than two cents per minute. Look for the asterisk! They charge in 60 second increments so pricing will be an whole minute if the call just last 5 secs. Wow! This means every contact will be billed one minute no matter if its lower than 60 seconds. Now, if you pay for a higher quantity of minutes you are given a slight break. You are billed in thirty second increments instead of 60 second increments. Still not a great deal! So if your call last’s five seconds you are billed for thirty seconds instead of the complete minute. Sounds better right? Well not until you see what GTel Solutions presents.

GTel Solutions offers the same voice broadcasting and auto dial service for much less. Their starter package is 3.5 cents just like VoiceShot however they charge in six second billing increments! That means if your call only lasts 5 seconds you are only charged 6 seconds. So you can do that 10 times and it would merely cost you 1 minute. VoiceShot would charge you 10 minutes! You can do a lot more calling with 1 minute then with VoiceShots minute. Billing is extremely important. If you are searching around make certain and educate yourself on this. It can littereally double the amount of potential buyers you get on the telephone which means extra money in your pocket! If any of this does not make sense make sure to click the link below for your free ebook on call broadcast and dialer billing explanation. It will save you a ton of money! Penny Dials is one of the only businesses that charges in 6 second increments without a 30 second minimum. That is virtually unheard of in the predictive dialing industry.

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