Walmart Black Friday – Canada Online – Walmart Flyer

It’s fantastic  to see so many big named stores making the most of their online presence, and this is what Walmart has  done with their  Black Friday online deals and their interactive store map. The flash ad shows you all the deals in an interactive format, and they also help you plan your trip to the store if your visiting Walmart on Black Friday.

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Walmart Black Friday – Canada Online – Walmart Flyer

To find Black Friday deals online, you can see Walmart Black Friday Deals in Canada here. They are on offer today, and you will find some big discounts there.

Visiting Walmart on Black Friday will take a lot more planning compared to shopping online. Walmart stores open at 5am on Friday, Nov. 27. But you can start planning your trip to the local Walmart right now.

Walmart’s site currently has an advert that lets you pop your zip code in, and up pops the interactive map and your stores Black Friday deals. Not only do you get over 30 pages of Walmart Black Friday ads to look through, but they also give you the ability to use an interactive map of your local Walmart store.

Walmart Black Friday – Canada Online – Walmart Flyer

Using the map will help you find great holiday savings, and get the most out of Xmas shopping in 2009.

They say their stores will match the price of any local competitor; all you have to do is show the printed ad for any identical product. Although they do say this is not applicable to

Have a look at  their interactive store map and see Walmart Black Friday deals canada today.

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