Web Based Health Care Insurance System

Health Care Insurance System

For years the health care insurance company’s agents were able to initiate critical day-to-day tasks only by contacting company representatives at the insurer’s major office. With sales volume on a steady rise, this duplication of effort was becoming increasingly inefficient and burdensome for everyone involved.

The company’s employees and agents were straining to process lots of policy documents each day. Integrating and streamlining policy application and document processes would ease administrative headaches for agents and greatly strengthen relationships with their customers.

Healthcare Management Administration

Radix offers healthcare insurance system for health care insurance services companies. We offer online health insurance policy management system for health care services management like preparing, printing, mailing, storing and retrieving policy documents. Our online health care administration management can reduce your time and cost of manual system and you can sell online health insurance policy from our online health insurance policy sales and management system.

Health Care Services Management – Web Based Insurance Solution

Consistent, integrated web based quoting engine : Web based quoting engines is a full-function browser-based transaction application that allows you to establish a unified, service-oriented process to quote and issue insurance policies. Designed to maximize flexibility and ease integration, web based quoting engine is the robust marketing tool, equipped with dynamic, easy user interface.

For each policy, the insurance details are dynamically created in to PDF documents, they automatically attach to the policy with descriptions and dates. Thus, the management, underwriting, claims, and authorized external users achieve over 75% time, effort saving. The system also replaces the old-school method of having to go to find a paper based file again. The following are some of the key features provided by the system.

>>>Web-enabled data entry

>>>Ability to view detailed breakdown of premium summary

>>>Automatic reflection of pre-defined characteristics from the Product Developer and Configuration such as coverage’s, rates, and forms etc…

>>>Ability to edit and save multiple quote iterations

>>>Easy transition from quick quote and/or full quote to issued policy

>>>Document Imaging

In-Force Automation

In-Force Automation streamlines the business processes associated with managing policies. By in-force the term applies to automation achieved by the solution. For e.g. in force automation will complete pending policy registration whose payment is complete, the human factor (h-factor) involvement is thus greatly reduced.

In-Force Automation encompasses all the business functionality associated with in force transaction processing, the following processes are completely automated by In-Force:


>>Policy correction


>>Renewals and non-renewals

>>Detailed policy transaction history including “point-in-time” detail

>>Diary, notes and renewal information windows.

>>Export data in CSV format

Claims Processing :

Claims processing accurately tracks and reports Losses claim by customers. Claims module was designed to handle simultaneous claims by sharing data between the policy and claims modules. When a new claim is created within the claims module, the system automatically verifies coverage, coverage limits, deductibles, and aggregates based upon the date of loss. The Claims module allows for complete tracking, review, and reporting of Reserves, Payments, Expenses, Salvage, Subrogation, Losses by Peril and Sub-Peril, Adjuster Diary notes, as well as Statutory reporting, Named Catastrophe tracking, and integrated claim letters that automatically incorporate and merge claim and policy information into the letter. >>Renewals. >>Reports.

Radix Health Care Insurance System Benefits : The following benefits were derived from the Policy Management System developed by Radixweb:

>>>>>The client handled his core business with the Radix-developed internet based Policy Management System and the robust architecture enabled the client to enhance productivity and cut costs.

>>>>>Manageability of the system was improved because Radixweb consolidated various systems into a single homogenous entity. This lowered maintenance costs and ensured lesser downtime.

>>>>>All the data residing on contrasting systems were combined and put into a single database. Access was also enhanced and all users could get complete access to any data required, any time. Consolidation of data also led to higher customer service levels and reduction in customer query response times.

>>>>>The application catered to the needs of the users all over the France, and this standardized the administration process.

>>>>>Many of the tasks that were earlier being handled manually were automated, presenting significant efficiency benefits to the client’s operations.

>>>>>The automated flow of data between the databases belonging to the two separate modules was transparent and seamless, and this also contributed to lower cost.

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