Whats In The Health Care Bill For Employers?


Pages 21 – 23 / Section 113

Starting on page 21, line 22, the bill explains that the government is going to implement a “study” that will allow them to audit the books of employers that self-insure. The purpose for this is “to ensure that the law does not provide incentives for small and mid-size employers to self-insure. . .” (Page 22 Line 23 – Page 23 Line 3)

COMMENT: What is in the healthcare bill is a perfect example of government seeking to control small and mid-size business and intrude, all for the purpose of determining the most effective ways to punish tax payers by removing business incentives so that the reduction of insurance options moves people into the government option.

Page 145 / Section 312 / Lines 15 – 17

Employers will be required to automatically place their employees into the public option plan.

COMMENT: Government growth finds it strength in limiting and reducing options available to citizens.  This is exactly what socialism/communism espouses.  Why would there be any other option than the government option?  Obama believes that we are not equipped to fix the present system, and thus, what is in the healthcare bill is the government’s “big brother” way of running our lives for us.  What needs to happen is for conservatives to demand conservative principles no matter who the politician is.  Let’s not punish the business owner and tax payer by expanding the federal government’s influence and intrusion into their lives.

Page 149 / Section 313 / Lines 16 – 23

Here we find the government placing fines on businesses that do not provide a public option for their employees.  If your business has a payroll of over $400,000 and you do not provide a public option then you will pay a penalty up to 8% tax on your payroll.

COMMENT:  Businesses will be faced with paying a penalty or purchasing health care for their employees.  When this is implemented we are going to find that the business are going to most likely save money paying the maximum 8% penalty then going ahead and purchasing health insurance for their employees.  As a result, the health care bill’s default kicks in and all those employees are then automatically enrolled in the government’s health care system.  This would automatically place millions of Americans on the government plan.  As well, the added 8% increase in cost to a business is going to have an impact on the creation of new jobs.  More money going to the government rather than the creation of jobs.  Obama wants us all on government health care.  He is for a single payer only option.  Don’t believe him if he says anything different.  Know what is in the healthcare bill.

Page 150 / Section 313 / Lines 9 – 13

In the same manner as the previous entry, businesses with payroll between $251,000 and $400,000 who do not provide public option pay 2-6% tax on all payroll.

COMMENT: Additional penalties placed on businessess by Obama.

Source by Andrew Hallinan

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