Why a Lady Might Not Be Too Willing to Hook Up

Men are not even aware of the numerous reasons why a lady might not be too willing to hook up. Well, could be you are not as hot as you think. Another is maybe she has already set her heart on someone else who is more special to her than you are, or maybe you are just not the kind of guy she wants in her life.

Most often than not, it usually boils down to the kind of mistakes you make to prevent your getting the kind of girl you fancy. Here is a list of the kind of mistakes guys make in flirtation and how to sail through your love life without any obstacles.

1. The girl's physical requirements. Stop there. Do not even take this into account. What is really needed for a guy to get a girl is actually good hygiene, good choice of clothes and not physical attributes per se. The lack of these will discourage the girl the instant she sets eyes on you.

2. You are feeling insecure. Confidence is the key to catching a girl's attention and keeping it. Any man who begins to stammer and fidget when in the presence of a lady is actually nailing his own coffin as far as getting a date is concerned.

3. You can not wait to be with her. If you are too eager to be with a lady, it will only damage your prospects of winning her over in the first place and turn her off. It will look like you are desperate, clingy and pathetic to her if you act this way. All these are terrible for your image as a man in the eyes of the opposite sex because you come off as way too needy.

4. Making fast moves. About going into fifth gear before the lady is ready, sorry. Ladies love to be pursed and the longer it takes the happier they are. Give her time and make her believe that she is making her own decisions without being rushed, or else she might switch off.

5. She sees you as just a friend in her own eyes. If she perceives that you are just a friend, then it needs some rectification quickly before it is too late. You would have to find out better ways of dealing with such a situation so do more research.

The hard part is to tell the limits and since this varies in most people, it remains some sort of guesswork.

Source by Sheila Roman

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