Why Santa Needs Travel Insurance

With the largest toy factory in the world, an army of elves and a red velvet fur-trimmed suit, it appears that Santa has everything he could possibly want for Christmas. However, if Mrs. Claus wanted to get him something really useful then she could not go amiss with a cheap travel insurance policy. Here are five very good reasons for Santa to take out insurance before heading out on Christmas Eve:

Drunk and in Charge

When Santa flies over America they give him milk and cookies, but when he flies over the UK things really start to heat up with lashings of whiskey and mince pies. Roughly 7.4 million families in UK have dependent children and as you can imagine that equates to a lot of whiskey!

We imagine that Santa is used to driving in the North Pole, which Top Gear recently discovered had no drink-driving laws. In the UK and US Santa could have received a fine or even a night in the slammer if he was found to be drunk and in charge of a carriage. With 12 unruly reindeer to look after whilst inexibrated, we doubted even Rudolph's nose could guide him out of this one. But, with a cheap travel insurance policy, Santa might have his legal costs covered if the worst came to the worst and he was taken to court.

Missing his mode of travel

Rudolph gets a rather disproportional amount of carrots, when compared to the other reindeers and this has got to create a few stirrings of jealousy amongst the herd. In the event that the reindeer were to get into a ruckus and scarper, Santa could claim on his cheap travel insurance for the distress caused by missing his preferred mode of travel. After all he had to wait a very long time for another reindeer-drawn sleigh to appear on the roof-top.

Missed Baggage

Santa may have made his list and checked it twice, but if he were to lose a few gifts in the blizzards of the North Pole, then they'd be some very upset children around the world. Luckily for Santa, missing baggage is definitely something that he can claim for on his
Cheap travel insurance policy. Sadly he would not be able to get the gifts to the children before Christmas, but with so many excess presents we're sure that Santa would not have any problem finding a suitable replacement in his stash.

Breaking and Entering

Breaking and entering is a serious crime, but surprisingly most people do not mind if the perpetrator in question is a Mr. S. Claus. But Santa's had a lucky break so far, and all it takes is a modern day Scrooge to stop him in his tracks and then it's straight down to the nick for him. We're not sure that there's a valid defence to breaking and entering, but with a possibility of up to £ 25,000 worth of legal cover on some cheap travel insurance policies Santa could certainly afford the best representation available.

Food Poisoning

We're not sure that anyone anywhere would wilfully poison Santa. However, the big man does eat an awful lot and with a mince pie at every house in the UK, chances are that there will be a bad one. In Bulgaria, tradition dictates that a carp is left out for Santa Claus and when you add that in the mix, food poisoning seems almost inevitable. Luckily for Santa much of Christmas Day and Boxing Day are spent sleeping, but if Santa had made any plans that he had to cancel as a result of food poisoning, then his cheap travel insurance would have allowed him to put in a claim for loss of enjoyment .

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