You Need To Have A Story When You Become A Millionaire

You need to have a story when you become a millionaire, so you will have something to talk about in all of your interviews. It will be easy to have a story, because becoming a self-made millionaire will not be easy. This is my story.

Losing $50,000 cash on a scam, losing my only house to foreclosure, being homeless, filing for bankruptcy, living in the warehouse where I used to work and being embarrassed when the maintenance man discovered me, having my car crushed on the interstate, and becoming  physically disabled will all be a part of my story when I become a millionaire.

Being forgotten by all of the students who I helped make money online for free in the original 2Kin10Days Program, because I did not realize my own value, will just be a part of my story. Also, the lady who sent me that email bragging about how she was making $10,000 per month selling insurance and how my 2Kin10Days Program was a scam…she will be a part of my story when I become a millionaire.

That girl who tried to ruin me financially and mentally will be a part of my story. She tried to ruin me financially with her out of control spending habits and lack of patience, by draining all of the money I had saved in the bank to a grand total of 1 cent. She tried to ruin me mentally by always complaining about my obvious weaknesses and making me feel bad every time I asked for help with something.

There is no love lost though, because she will also be a part of my story when I become a millionaire.

Being treated like a step-child by my older, super-religious brother and sister while I was trapped out in the country at that Bible Camp will be another chapter. I was excited because I thought we would be able to work together to rebuild my father’s vision, that has declined since his death. Instead, they shot down every idea I had, and tried to start arguments with me for no reason. It is all good though. They will be a part of my story when I become a millionaire too.

Embrace the inevitable challenges that you will face on your path to financial freedom, because when you do what you set out to do, it will be worth it. Then you can write your book, and it will be a bestseller.

Source by Jeremiah Carstarphen

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